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Friday, December 28, 2018

I feel ashamed and I want to apologize from every single member of FIDAI Football Academy for what happened today in FAST. I am ashamed to call myself a student of a university where some so called EDUCATED individuals fight with players of a Guest team and university administration specially Sports Officer protects these individuals.
The crowd abuse a player for more than 30 minutes and when he celebrates after scoring in front of them, the whole crowd attacks him and they still have audacity to call themselves sports fans.
I specially want to address the senior executives of NaSCon '18. You were so obsessed with the image of your event that you disqualified a team which was supposed to play two games today but because of your decision they decided to play three. They won the first game despite of the fact that every single player from opposite team (FAST) was playing to injure them. And after that win they receive greetings in the form of slaps, punches and kicks from universities’ crowd. After all this YOU decide to disqualify those who were treated wrongly and you let those two teams play the final whose players were the only reason of this whole mess. Hats off to you and not to forget you are also a sportsman.

I am invited for opening ceremony of NaSCon’18 tomorrow as I was a part of NaSCon’17 Executives. I will not be attending the ceremony as my gesture of protest against the unfair decision against FIDAI FA.
Good Luck for the next three days as you people seriously need this.